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Brand New Brand Nordic AB is a concept development hub for consumer products and services.

Our focus is to bring wiFido® to the market. The concept is unique in the market segments where it will compete. It’s about IoT and smart homes… Our focus is always on consumer needs and we are to launch a highly aimable, smart and scalable solution for safety and control of homes and offices. Functionality is created in the system of a product line of delicately designed and smart units. Very Scandinavian.

wiFido® as a system has potential to present almost unlimited knowledge to the owner about the wellbeing of her home, family and belongings. It brings the comfort of knowing that all is OK at home! See for yourself at 

Our team are proud of the highly skilled and motivated network around the vision. We are constantly looking for new resources to empower the business. Are you interested? Want to know more? Drop us a line!


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Over the past 140 years, Ericsson has been at the forefront of communications technology

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tools design rank amongst denmarks most awarded designers

Asian manufacturing with design and development in Stockholm

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